Pat's Paraganglioma Surgery

Pat was diagnosed with one of the rarest tumors known.

Please take a minute and read her story.


Mother of 3 - Grandmother of 5


Military Family

In Pat's young adult life she spent 3.5yrs in the service and then got out to raise a family while her husband Jerry continued his 12yr military career. After their time in the military they settled in Cody, WY.

Pat and Jerry ss

Pat lost her husband of 34yrs to Colon Cancer
Now she has Para

Jerry passed in September of 2013 after 3 years of battling Colon Cancer. Jerry encouraged her to go to college during this time and she started, but had to quit to take care of him as his cancer worsened.

Pat and friends4 1

Completed NW College in Powell - Now a frontline worker

Pat started her medical career by attending NW Community College and completed her schooling and graduated with distinction at Casper College. She did her internship at PVHC in 2014 and has been there ever since.


Paraganglioma - of the head and neck

In early December Pat was diagnosed with, and a second opinion confirmed on Dec. 23rd, as having one of the rarest tumors known. There are only a handful of doctors in the country who have the experience to do this. And it HAS TO BE DONE NOW!

2 in a million are discovered per year
3% of those in the head and neck

A 21 Day Journey to Newark New Jersey

Dr Jame Liu Surgery

 Paraganglioma of the Carotid Artery is So rare that only a handful of doctors in the country will do this surgery.

1 in 60 million

Dr James Liu

Dr James Liu

Neurosurgeon/Skull base surgeon at Saint Barnabas Medical Center
Professor of Neurological Surgery at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

Our doctor, is the best of the best and he’s only done 30 in 14yrs. He’s a head and neck specialist. His team consists of 3 surgeons and 2 pre-surgery specialists.

We are scheduled for an embolism on February 11th prior to surgery on the 12th. It’s about 8hrs.


We’ve rented an Airbnb from May 5th to May 9th and then we have to move to another one.

Fortunately we have a family member who has a car for us so that cost is gone.

The costs are only mounting and it’s really quite unreal when you write it all out.

New date... New Expenses

This delay has caused a LOT of craziness… even more than before. Due to airline cost changes and the availability of places to stay relatively close to the hospital things are getting more expensive.

*We are continuously learning more and more. These are being updated as we get more information.

art school

Closet Artist Registers for art classes - Then Denied

Pat loves art and hasn’t painted in a long time. She got a little buzz again and enrolled in November into a pretty intense online course and bought all the stuff, paints and chalks and pencils, you know to get started again.

And Santa brought her an easel for Christmas…she was really looking forward to painting again, until this tumor.

Now she won’t be painting for awhile. 🙁



Purchase a mask with Pat’s Art or one of her Rare Disease Awareness T-shirts or Hoodies or you can donate via PayPal or Venmo

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Speedy recovery my friend

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This is from Dr. Wurzel

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Praying for you, Pat!!

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We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this far. 

This is one of those times where one of those who serves everyday needs a little help herself.

If you can’t afford to contribute we completely understand. If you could just share this page with others you know, that would really be helpful, more than you know.

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